1. The Front Bottoms / taken by Pauline Nguyen.
    July 5th, 2014 / Opera House, Toronto, ON.

  2. The Front Bottoms / taken by Pauline Nguyen.
    July 5th, 2014 / Opera House, Toronto, ON.

  3. You Blew It! / taken by Pauline Nguyen.
    July 5th, 2014 / Opera House, Toronto, ON.

  4. neongenesises:

    saira / april 2014 / toronto

  5. neongenesises:

    saira / april 2014 / toronto


  6. Anonymous said: hey Pauline, could I edit your photos and post them if I link them to your flickr and/or tumblr? :)

    yeah sure, just please note that it’s your edit but leave my watermarked name on the photo (like don’t crop it out) with a link to either my flickr or tumblr!! thanks! (-:

  7. cafe unwind / pauline nguyen
    february 2014 / toronto

  8. sunnyside beach / pauline nguyen
    march 2014 / toronto


  9. Anonymous said: How do you take pictures straight down without getting your shadow in them?

    i dont rly do that with my dslr since i use prime lenses but i do it a lot with my iphone where i just stand directly above the subject except i try to stand further away to reduce the shadow size i guess


  10. Anonymous said: Are you okay with people reposting your pictures with your flickr link in the description, but not in the source?

    i’d like the credit to be in both the description and the source, but moreso the source since the description can easily be removed when reblogged :/


  11. Anonymous said: how do you get into so many shows??

    i don’t even go to as many shows as i used to though. last few shows in tbe past few months have just been b&c, title fight, the front bottoms, fall out boy. i used to apply for lots of photopasses to shoot lots of shows (and thus be guestlisted as press/media), but the shows that i’ve been to recently (the ones i listed previously) have been shows that i paid for and wasn’t there exclusively to shoot. i dont go to that many shows anymore because senior year + so much homework, but i hope this answers your question omg also i live in downtown toronto so it’s easy for me to commute to venues


  12. i have non-iphone balance & composure photos from last week’s show i swear i just haven’t gotten to editing them yet


  13. Anonymous said: Ayyyye does hard luck have a strict camera policy?

    ayyyyye they don’t care about cameras and allow dslrs


  14. Anonymous said: Hey,will you be shooting Panic! at the Disco next week?

    no i won’t :(
    if you’re going have fun!!

  15. Balance & Composure
    January 16th, 2014 / Toronto